30 Jun

TOP 10 Blends to Help You Move Away From Harsh Chemicals Today! PART 1...

Keeping your family safe and healthy can be difficult especially when trying not to expose them to harsh chemicals in today's world.  But how do you do this without breaking bank? It seems like organic and all-natural alternatives are more expensive then the chemical-rich synthetics. 

Or so you thought...

But just because most store shelves are lined with products full of ingredients you've never heard and all the TV and radio ads talk about them, we're here to mention the safe more natural alternatives we use instead.  Check out the first part of our Top 10 list below...

1. Air Fresheners

Have some bad odours you want to deal with or just want something to help freshen a room or space? Don't reach for those aerosols! They are just filled with synthetic chemicals.  That’s why I like to use the following oils: Lemon, Bergamot and Eucalyptus in my Clean Air Room Spray.  They all have a nice scent when combined and Eucalyptus is known to open up your airways.  Bergamot has a wonderful Citrusy scent that has a very calming affect.

2. Linen Spray and Fabric Softeners

Nothing smells better than clean, fresh laundry (especially when it's warm and just came out of the dryer too!)  Adding fabric sheets is a great way to make them smell even more fresh but not so great when you see what these sheets contain.  So, our personal favorite to create the same fresh scent on clothes and furnishings always has Lavender in it.  It just has that clean, calming scent that makes us wants to open the windows and let the fresh air in.

3. Bug Spray

We all love the outdoors but no one likes the pesky bugs that come along with it.  That's why a good bug spray is a must have Outdoor Essential.  But beware, one of the most common ingredients in insect repellent/bug sprays is DEET - a known carcinogen.  DEET has also been known to cause skin irritation over prolonged use and can also be toxic for pets.  Instead, look for products with Citronella, Lavender or Peppermint.  Any combination of these oils repel bugs and if mixed right, can have a very pleasant aroma.  If you're looking for one with excellent reviews, is effective and has a great scent, then check this out! 

4. Pet Deodorizer

The joy and happiness pets bring into our lives makes them an essential part of one's family.  Dogs especially love to play outdoors, roll around and socialize with anyone and everything.  But leave them out for too long and the odour that surrounds them can fill up a room fast.  It's a problem all pet owners have and some resort to constant washing or even spraying chemical filled dog deodorizers that are not entirely safe for a dog’s long term health.  Even cleaning the areas around them and attempts to freshen the air can have adverse effects:

“Cleaning products with ingredients such as bleach, ammonia, chlorine, glycol ethers or formaldehyde can put pets at risk for cancer, anemia, liver and kidney damage”

Serenity Blends has recently launched a new Doggie Deodorizer to rave reviews from numerous pet owners and even Pet 'Spaws'.  With a specially formulated amount of oils including natural deodorizers such as Lavender, Lemon and Witch Hazel, it also has the added benefit of repelling bugs and ticks!  

Yoga Mat Spray

Yoga is a great way to get exercise, focus one's mind and the best part is it can be virtually anywhere.  With hygiene being paramount these days, keeping one's Yoga Mat is essential.  But who wants to sacrifice the calming of your senses with harsh chemical cleaners? For this reason, oils such as Tea Tree, Sweet Orange and Lemongrass found in one of our signature blends, will keep your mat fresh and clean with these naturally antibacterial and antiviral oils.  Plus it's fresh scent dries quickly so you can use your mat almost immediately!


We hope you've enjoyed Part 1 of our series.  Part 2 will be arriving soon!

P.S. Also keep a look out on some exclusive offers for some of these products...

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