22 Jun

Your Journey to All-Natural Wellness

Do you ever notice how brightly colored most of the products are on store shelves? It's like they're almost trying to distract you from what's actually inside them. 

For synthetic products, the fine print listing their ingredients is almost always invisible

It's a subtext in all the magazines and TV ads - hide the fine print and possible side effects.  Instead they'll tout how you need these 'name-brand' products in order to be clean and healthy, but they won't tell you everything that's inside them...

We get it.  Our lives are busier and more expensive than ever.  

But, it's time we break free of the synthetic cycle sin. 

It's time to #SkiptheChemicals and #ReachForNatural.

Remember, NOTHING is more important than our health.  But high up on that list is saving money and the environment. 

So think about what you're bringing into your home and spending your hard earned cash on.  What's their overall impact on these important things long term?

Finding alternatives to popular synthetics won't be easy.  Safe, natural products are usually made locally and can cost a little bit more.  But their overall cost is totally worth it.  

So here's a simple challenge that will help you:

Pickup any product you usually buy or have in your home and scan the ingredients.  Do you recognize all of them? Probably not (unless of course you have a background in Chemical Engineering).

Now, do you know their long term effects on your body? How can you, you probably didn't major in Molecular Biology either ;)

But don't worry, here's how we can put you and your family on the path to Natural Wellness:

The next time you're at the store, look a bit harder on the shelf of that product for that less flashy alternative.  Take a second to seek it out, it's there because it works.  

If you're lucky, you'll find some great products using all-natural ingredients such as pure essential oils.  

Repeat this often and make smart, long term changes.

Remember these products will probably work just as well without those harsh synthetic chemicals.  You'll likely be supporting local companies that do less damage to the environment during the manufacturing process. 
These products can also likely be used more often and in a variety of ways. 
After a while, you'll start to feel better about yourself and the impact you're having on your environment.  
You'll find that this is just one of the many steps you'll take towards a lifestyle of pure, natural wellness.  
And we're excited to be a part of that journey with you.

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