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Mask Refresh Sprays

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Deodorize on-the-go!  Serenity Blends Mask Refresh Sprays are a natural fabric mask freshener that are convenient to use, smell AMAZING and keep your mask feeling fresh throughout the day.

Sometimes, your face mask needs a little pick me up, and that’s where these beautifully scented sprays come in. Compact, ready-to-use Essential Oil blends allow you to say 'No more stinky masks!'
Serenity Blends MASK REFRESH come in 3 aromatic, natural blends:
  • “Stay Calm” (Lavender+TeaTree) - 60 mL
  • “Think Positive” (Orange+Peppermint) - 60 mL
  • “Just Breathe” ( Eucalyptus+Lemon) - 60 mL
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Spray front of mask, wait 1-2 minutes (to allow the alcohol smell to dissipate) before putting the mask on your face.

Disclaimer: Not intended to be used as a sanitizer or as a replacement for machine washing.  Not for use on disposable masks. 
  • “Just Breathe” ( Eucalyptus+Lemon)
  • “Stay Calm” (Lavender+TeaTree)
  • “Think Positive” (Orange+Peppermint)
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Serenity Blends

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“Just Breathe” ( Eucalyptus+Lemon), “Stay Calm” (Lavender+TeaTree), “Think Positive” (Orange+Peppermint)




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Mask Refresh Sprays

$5.00 $7.00 ( / )